Our Family Tree

Clan Munro of Crystal Springs has compiled an extensive Family Tree with over 1,000 individuals, dating back to well before the United States became a nation and up to the present day.  There are many gaps, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would review your information and provide us with corrections and  updated information.

The Family Tree is available in several different formats:

  • Ancestry.com – Simply send us a request, and we’ll add you as a visitor to our site on Ancestry.com.  Ancestry is a subscription web site, but they will give you 14 days of free viewing and access.  Our Ancestry tree is Clan Munro of Crystal Springs.
  •  Legacy – The Family Tree is also available in a genealogy program called Legacy and that company provides a free download of their basic software.  Simply download their basic program at www.legacyfamilytree.com  and then send us a request for a copy of our family tree data file (Gedcom file). Once you upload our family tree onto your computer, it’s yours to view or add to as you choose and it’s a simple process to start adding other branches of your family. 
  • Gedcom Data File – If you already work with a genealogy program and would like to incorporate our data, let us know and we’ll be glad to send you a Gedcom file.

Please take a little time to look at our Family Tree and let us know if we’re missing anyone on your branch or if we need to make any corrections.  We would greatly appreaciate your help!