Welcome to Clan Munro of Crystal Springs, Bainbridge Island!

This website is dedicated to the extended family of Alexander McKenzie Munro & Janet Montgomery Munro who emigrated to Washington in 1890 and raised ten children at Crystal Springs on Bainbridge Island.  If you’re a descendant of Alexander and Janet, then this is your website.   

Gordon Dunn, James Munro, Johnny Montgomery, Alastair McLennon, Betty Munro McLennon, Marjorie Munro, Euphemia Munro Hodges, Gordon Munro, Bessie Montgomery, George Munro (Jack Montgomery in right background) – Family Gathering about 1988


Please check out the ‘new’ content added to this site in the recent weeks and months:

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  • Biography of James T. Munro (See Children of Alexander and Janet on the main menu)
  • Biography of John H. Nibbe of Nibbeville (Main Menu)
  • One Hundred Years At Crystal Springs as told by James Munro (Main Menu)

Please also see Ralph Munro’s series “My Favorite Places” at https://www.tvw.org/shows/my-favorite-places/episodes 


August 17, 1954


Ann Janett Munro – abt 1920


This website is a labor of love and a work in progress.  The first goal is to share an amazing collection of photographs, documents,  genealogical information, stories, facts and a few myths with as many members of the family as possible.  If you have old family photos, stories, obituaries, or other information you would like to add to this website, PLEASE let us know.